Amos Kingatua

ผู้เขียน: Amos Kingatua

Amos Kingatua is an ICT consultant who has been helping businesses to
set up and efficiently run a wide range of in-house and hosted data
centers.He also doubles as a freelance technical writer in the server,
storage, networks, cybersecurity, IoT and other ICT and electronics

How to use .htaccess file to customize or improve a website

The .htaccess file plays an important role in the management and security of a website. In this article, we will show you how to use the file to customize and improve your website. In particular, you will learn how to;

Create and edit the .htaccess file Customizing error pages such as 401, 401,403,404, 500, 501 and more Block visitors based on IP address, referrer or any other parameter Redirect pages and websites. Password protect directories.


How to Use Google’s SMTP Server (a little known free service)

Google offers a free SMTP service that organizations and individuals with low email volumes can use to send their outgoing messages. This is a standard email transmission protocol that enables sending of emails from non-Google web and desktop applications, such as WordPress, Outlook, Thunderbird, an...


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