Kennedy Mbuvi

ผู้เขียน: Kennedy Mbuvi

Ken is an expert in Linux System & Network Engineering, CMS Web & Software Development. Being a refined Telecom/Linux Engineer has enabled Ken to amass a wide gamut of practical technical skills and concepts. He's also been professionally registered as a Graduate Engineer (B8928) with Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK).

How to Install and Configure ProxySQL on CentOS 7

If your application is handling hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests multiplexed on many backend servers, you probably need a way of optimizing querying and preventing downtime. ProxySQL helps you to do this through query caching and routing while at the same time providing a firewall that will sit between your applications and database to protect the database.


How To Configure the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Server on a CentOS 7 VPS or Dedicated Server

The LDAP server is designed to locate organizations, individuals and other resources such as file and devices in the network; public internet or the organization intranet. It is mostly used by organizations for centralized authentication email and phone directories.


How to install Litespeed Web Server on an Ubuntu 18.04 VPS or Dedicated Server

OpenLiteSpeed is an open source web server characterized by high-performance, light-weight event-driven architecture, and Apache compatible rewrite rules. It also has a very user-friendly WebAdmin GUI for easy creation of multiple sites on one server. Here, we show how to install LiteSpeed Web Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux VPS.


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